My internet habits

One flaw I think I have when it comes to internet browsing habits is the fact that I often do not do much to conceal my buying habits. Being a typical somewhat lazy college student, I tend to buy things I need and ship them to my dorm rather than go out and buy them. The problem with this is I don’t think I do enough to conceal my activities. Every time I try to be discreet about buying something, I still manage to get advertisements for similar items. A month ago I bought some cables for my game consoles. I still get ads for similar products from time to time. It’s terrifying to think that they hold on to that simple data for so long.


/r/dataisbeautiful: A Look Inside

I have to admit, I was excited when I was assigned to write about two data visualizations. This is because Reddit was one of the allowed sites to visit. I love using Reddit, so I’m grateful that I get to use a site I’m so familiar with. The subreddit I could use is called r/dataisbeautiful. In this subreddit are a bunch of user-submitted visualizations of very kinds of data. They’re all very interesting to look at, but I narrowed it down to two posts I could write about. The first data visualization I really found interesting was a graphic representation of the total amount of noise energy given off by fans during a soccer match between two German teams, Bayern Munich, and TSG Hoffenheim. The site lets you see a visualization of how loud the crowd gets in real time. The site even features crowd energy during specific moments in the game, like when a Bayern player scores, or when the players are introduced. It really makes me think about just how powerful a group of voices can be. The second most interesting post I found was a collection of Tropical Cyclone data collected by the National Hurricane Center. The site shows almost everything you can think of when it comes to hurricane data, from past hurricane tracks to probable origin points for new hurricanes. I think this kind of stuff has always been fascinating to look at, and I’m pretty thankful that we now have the technology to obtain so much information about these destructive storms.