Multimedia Content Creation: My Career Path and Favorite Things to Edit

If you had known me for a while, chances are I would have told you at some point that one of my favorite things to do is edit videos. My dream is to become a professional video editor. My father was a professional video editor who enjoyed lots of success working for various companies and small film studios. He earned his degree at Washington State University, and that is one of the main reasons why I decided to enroll at the same college. I am more or less going to be taking the same kinds of courses that he took a long time ago. Of course, there will be a lot of differences between us, considering that filmmaking technology has advanced a lot since the early 1990s. However, the art of film editing has stayed somewhat similar since that time, and it will be exciting to learn even more about it.

I personally like to edit only specific kinds of footage (although I will, of course, edit any kind of footage should a potential employer require it). My favorite things to edit mainly relate to my interests outside of film. I love playing video games with friends, so I, in turn, love editing videos of gaming. I also occasionally will record my own gameplay, edit them down into interesting moments, and post them onto YouTube. I do this a lot because I am inspired by others who upload to Youtube for a living. I also enjoy watching sports, so I, therefore, love to edit sports footage. I think a dream job of mine would be to help a team edit their sports highlights.

I think I can use my hobbies and current knowledge of film editing to help with my four projects later on. In fact, I can’t wait to create content about it!


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